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Data modeling example

Conceptual modeling

As data modeling concept is explaind, we will look at an example data model for simple mobile application “MyNoteApp”.

Following diagram shows MyNoteApp’s data model;
Simple modeling concept

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Practical modeling

We can implement the conceptual model under Dashboard > Define tab, in CloudyRec.

Define MyNoteApp

Create new app by just typing in the App name.

App is successfully created.

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Define note resource type

Select the newly created App to view the resource list and form. Then create new resource by providing the resource name note.

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Define category resource type

Create new resource type category.

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Define attribute for category

Select newly created resource type category to view the attribute list and form. Then provide the attribute name, and select the data type to store.

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Define attributes for note

Similarly define the attributes for note.

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Define association between note and category

Open the resource type note in edit mode and select the belongs to value to category.

note is marked with small arrow to show that it belongs to other resource type category.

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